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Fleming owners around the world take great pride in voyaging far and wide in their Fleming motoryacht. Their fascinating stories are living proof that our yachts have earned a reputation for being "The Ultimate Cruising Yacht." We hope you enjoy browsing through our virtual library of magazine articles. If you are a Fleming owner who would like to write a story about your own experiences, please contact Nicky Fleming about having it published in our own VENTURER magazine.

Articles by Tony Fleming

Northern Latitudes : Revisiting Prince William Sound — Passagemaker July/August 2018

From Glaciers to Meadows: Destination Prince William Sound — PACIFIC POWERBOAT MAY/JUNE 2018

Cruising: The "Outside" Inside Passage — Waggonner Guide, May 2015

Four Weeks In Paradise — Yachting Magazine, May 2014

Venturing Close to Home — Sea Magazine, April 2014

Destination: Prince William Sound — Canadian Yachting Magazine, March 2014

Venturing Close To Home — Sea Magazine, April 2012

Essential elements of a serious cruising yacht — Soundngs Online, 10, 2013

Ice Water Mansions — PassageMaker, Jan/Feb 2013

Fjord Escort – Motorboat and Yachting, December 2012

North to Alaska (part 1) – Go Boating Magazine, August 2012

Destination: Alaska to Nova Scotia - Pacific Power Boat Magazine, May 2012

Destination: Alaska to Nova Scotia (part 2) - Pacific Power Boat Magazine, May 2012

Venturing Into Myth: Destination Scotland Pacific Powerboat, Nov 2011

Venture II Circumnavigates Iceland - Pacific Power Boat Magazine, March 2011

Voyage of Discovery
Read Tony Fleming's exciting adventure in Motor Boat and Yachting as he voyages 19,000 miles from Alaska to Nova Scotia with a stop in the fascinating Galapagos Islands.

Desolation Sound
A Fleming explores Canada's Desolation Sound and discovers endless forests and empty anchorages.

Nordic Summer
Follow the footsteps of Scandinavian explorers aboard a Fleming 55 with Tony Fleming.

Baltic Circle
This 1,100 mile circumnavigation of southern Sweden will tickle your senses and test your piloting skills.

Dutch Dodge
A Fleming 55 puts into the Netherlands because of foul weather and discovers the beauty of inland cruising.

Northern Lights
An adventurous crew takes a Fleming 55 from the lochs of Scotland to to the fjords of Norway.

Fleming's Design Philosophy
Flemings Have Earned a Reputation for Their Extraordinarily Quiet, Smooth Ride

The Inland Passage
When the Fleming 65 was first introduced to the market just over one year ago, Tony Fleming decided to keep hull #1 as a test vessel to try out new ideas and equipment and to experience for himself as much extended cruising as possible in the new design.

Lofoten: Islands Under the Midnight Sun
Cruising to the Arctic Circle on a Fleming 55

Other Articles

Fleming 78 - Talkin' 'bout an evolution – Ocean Magazine Issue 78

Interview with Tony by Pendanablog.com

Club Marine Review

Across the Skagerrak - Power cruising Norway's fjord coast — November/December 2017 / originally published in Ocean Navigator Magazine

Mediterranean Passage - Bringing a freshly minted Fleming 78 from Cannes to Mallorca is just the ticket to reconnect with the sea after a busy boat show — April 2017 / Power & Motoryacht

America's Great Western Waterway - The Columbia and Snake rivers deliver a rich feast for the eyes and lens. — Yachts International - December 2016

LEWIS & CLARK +FLEMING - Exploring the Columbia River, from the Pacific to Idaho — passagemaker.com November/December 2016

Testing Times Dave Marsh; Analysing the safety and comfort of fin stabilised cruisers vs. non-stabilised vessels in rough seas and wild weather is prime fodder for our self-confessed stabiliser fanatic. — Motorboat and Yachting.

The Ulitmate Test - Exploring the Bering Sea's Aleutian Islands Proves an Ultimate Character Test for a Fleming 65 — Passagemaker Magazine - January/February 2016

Fleming 58 - An Instantly Recongizable Addtion To The Builder's Line — Sea Magazine - December, 2015

Aleutian Adventure — Power & Motoryacht - October, 2015 (See the video on the Power & Motoryacht site.)

Fleming Yachts Refines A Winning Formula — Passagemaker - April 2015

Fleming 58 : Modern Classic Ocean Issue 60 - Vol.11 No.2 2015

Fleming: An Asian Pacific Venture — Professional BoatBuilder, October/November 2014

Bridging the Gap — Pacific Powerboat Magazine, July 2014

Sum Of It's Parts — Yachting, September 2011

The Pacific Wild — Power & Motoryacht, APRIL 2014

Fleming 78 - Ocean Going Concern — Power and Motoryacht, Dec 2013

Fleming 55   — BoatTest.com website

Sail to Power: Kevan Wolfe chats with one of the converts to motor yachting Sails Magazine Oct/Nov 2012

The Trip Takes Us : Exploring Gwaii Haanas in the Queen Charlotte Islands aboard a Fleming 65 is a reminder that the best laid plans... Yachting Magazine, Oct 2012

Quiet Times : Super sound attenuation just scratches the surface of what makes this bred-for-sea 78-footer beyond cool. Yachting Magazine July, 2012

Feature Test : Fleming 65. Tradeaboat.com.au.

Friday on my mind. Tradeaboat.com.au

Flemings Fantastiske Flaggskip Batliv 4/2012

Fleming 65 : Som skabt til jordomsejling. Bad Nyt, 454/2011

Sea Trial: Fleming 55. Power Cruising Magazine 2007

Venture to Haida Gwaii
Boat designer Tony Fleming takes a trip north on a boat of his own design, a Fleming 65, to explore the untouched wilderness of Haida Gwaii
March, 2012 Pacific Boating Magazine

Family Planning tradeaboat.com.au

The Fleming 65 - Seaworthy ,Well Engineered, Continuously Refined, And Ready To Venture Forth
Passagemaker Magazine, 2011

Venture II Circumnavigates Iceland
Pacific Motoryacht Magazine - March 2011

Un Fleming 65 En Islande
Neptune Magazine

Discovering the Faroes
Read about Venture II's voyage to these enchanting islands located between Scotland and Iceland in MotorBoating magazine.

Voyage to the Volcano
Tony Fleming and crew voyage from Scotland to Iceland with a visit to the fascinating Faroe Islands.

Le trawler selon Tony Fleming
The French magazine "Neptune" reviews the Fleming 65.

The Natural
"MotorBoating" magazine's feature story on VENTURE's exploration of the Galapagos Islands.

The Ultimate Voyage
Australia's "Ultimate Boating & Lifestyle" magazine follows a Fleming 55 to Papua New Guinea.

Call of the Wild
In part one of our Galápagos adventure series, our intrepid writer prepares for a cruise to the Galápagos with boatbuilder Tony Fleming.

Voyage of Discovery
A 1,900-mile detour takes a Fleming 65 past Isla del Coco to the threshold of Darwin's bountiful Galápagos. (10 mb download)

Faraway Places on a Fleming 55
Eighteen years of design evolution, attention to detail and singleness of purpose have resulted in the Fleming 55, a passagemaker that will take you safely and reliably to all the far-off places you've dreamed of going.

Land Ho, Mexico!
FUBAR Navigates the Barren Baja Coast to Explore the Fertile Sea of Cortez.

Cradle to Berth: The Completion Of A New Yacht
Reprinted from Passagemaker Magazine

Evolving A Dreamboat
The Fleming 55—Finer With Age
Reprinted from Passagemaker Magazine

Grand Tour
Herb Denk and his 53 footer are headed to Spain from California.

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