Tony's Adventures

The purpose of this page is to provide one centralized location for accessing the various videos, blogs, and magazine articles which have stemmed from the cruises undertaken in Venture and Venture II. Here too, you can find links to Tony's memoirs describing the events which ultimately led to the formation of Fleming Yachts.

Selected Videos

Tony's YouTube Channel is home to the journeys made in Venture and Venture II. Full length DVD's of the videos can be purchased by visiting Our Store (view the master list of videos here). Starting with "Venture to the Aleutians", discs will also be available in BluRay. For some of the recent Venture trips as well as Tony's extensive travels to such places as Antarctica, the North Pole, Sahara Desert and a train ride across Siberia, visit Tony's Vimeo Channel.


Tony Fleming's films, currently 42 films, many of which feature Fleming Yachts, and more being added, can now be viewed directly on Vyou Channel on a TV with the latest 4K and HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology. The TV needs to support Roku, the market leading streaming player for the TV, otherwise a simple low cost Roku device can be plugged into one of the HDMI ports on the back of the TV. Vyou (pronounced "view") has remastered all films into HDR, with its expanded colors and wider dynamic range for greater realism. Once Roku is installed on the TV, viewers just need to search for "vyou" and add the channel to view Tony's films, as well as some films from other film makers. They can also use this link to add the channel via a PC or mobile device: Viewers can watch Vyou films with any Roku device, though if they still need to get a Roku or want to upgrade to the latest 4K HDR technology, Vyou has recommended this popular portable 4K HDR model: Streaming Stick Plus.

Tony's Blog

Numerous blogs, accompanied with many photographs, can be accessed here. These blogs are written during each trip so keep checking here to see what's new.

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Riding the Tide

By Tony Fleming

World-renowned boatbuider Tony Fleming, founder of Fleming Yachts, tells his life story in this memoir. Fleming came of age during the twilight of the British Empire, and was in turns a miner, surveyor and police official before entering the trade that was to make him famous. There are fascinating stories about life in Africa and Asia at a time that now seems far removed, and far more innocent, than our own. Even more fascinating is Fleming's account of how he lost his job at age 50 and, with literally nothing but brains and determination, went on to found his own company. This is an inspiring story and well worth reading to show what a man can achieve when he sets his mind to it.

Selected Published Articles

Fleming owners around the world take great pride in voyaging far and wide in their Fleming motoryacht. Their fascinating stories are living proof that our yachts have earned a reputation for being "The Ultimate Cruising Yacht." We hope you enjoy browsing through our virtual library of magazine articles. If you are a Fleming owner who would like to write a story about your own experiences, please email Nicky Fleming about having it published in our own VENTURER magazine.