Fleming Builds The Ultimate Cruising Yacht

ultimate cruising yacht
teak table tops in fleming shipyard
Fleming 78 stateroom

Ask any Fleming owner how they like their yacht and you'd better be prepared for the conversation. Fleming owners are, if nothing else, extremely passionate about cruising and love to tell their stories of adventure. You may not hear much about the boat though, and we're ok with that. We prefer the focus be on the memories. We strive to provide our owners with peace of mind while boating so that your attention is spent on the experience.

There are many reasons why Fleming is considered to be the ultimate cruising yacht. You could point to our founder, Tony Fleming, and his many documented adventures. The amount of time spent cruising on 'Venture', his F65, all around the world has certainly helped us refine our craft. There is no substitute for experiencing real life scenarios on a boat on an extended cruise. You could speak to the sophistication of our Tung Hwa shipyard in Taiwan and the expert craftsman that for generations have perfected their skills. It's also easy to mention our team of Fleming dealers around the world who have committed to providing a higher level of training and customer service that Fleming ownership demands. There are many reasons why Fleming is considered the ultimate cruising yacht that we've outlined below, but we prefer to let our customers speak for us.


It Starts With The Best Materials & Equipment

If you're not willing to invest in the best ingredients, why bake the cake? Much like a professional chef sourcing the best food to prepare, the Fleming team purchases only the very best materials for the construction of every boat. From the highest quality Cook gelcoat to the premium Core-Cell foam materials, absolutely nothing is short-changed in the construction of a Fleming. Here are just a few of the highlights of the construction techniques in the ultimate cruising yacht:

It's for these reasons that Fleming Yachts stand the test of time and holds their re-sale value compared to similar cruising or motor yacht brands.

(Seen below: Fleming uses Burmese teak on each table top that go through a painstaking process of hand-sanding and varnishing.)

fleming yachts teak table tops


To Be The Ultimate Cruising Yacht, It Needs To Be Capable Of Extraordinary Adventures

A Fleming is not your ordinary cruising vessel. The cutting-edge construction processes that each model goes through results in a strong, durable yacht capable of handling adverse conditions while giving you the comfort you require. It begins with the solid fiberglass hull that is reinforced with an inter-locking matrix of frames and full-length, box-section stringers. Only the finest vinylester resins are fused into the Core-Cell foam. The result is a strong, stiff hull, but one that will not flex under pressure. On top of all that every Fleming receives five coats of epoxy barrier boat before the anti-fouling, rendering it’s hull impervious to blistering via osmosis.

Every Fleming is certified as Class A, meaning that each vessel is built to navigate the open ocean, are able to surpass waves higher than 4 meters, and are entirely self-sufficient in difficult seas. Whether cruising up the coastline or venturing off on a longer trip, Fleming strives to build the safest and most comfortable yacht for personal cruising. It is designed to be run by a couple with ease of access to controls and equipment, as well as considering ease of maintenance as well.

The abilities of a Fleming cannot be discussed without mentioning speed. This is truly a characteristic that separates Fleming from the competition as it can operate both economically and reach speeds over 20 knots. The traditional trawler yacht generally reaches its top speed at around 15 knots and run very economically at 6 to 8 knots. This is also true of Flemings. For example, the F65 can reach 20 knots, but only burns 5-6 gallons per hour at nearly 8 knots. This fast cruising is appealing to most luxury cruising enthusiasts as sometimes it's necessary to push the throttle down. 


Safety Doesn't Happen By Accident


There are many things that the team at Fleming takes seriously, but among the most important is the owner's safety on board. There is no room for error when designing a safe yacht that will be tested in adverse conditions on the open ocean. From thoughtfully placed hand-holds and railings to the low center of gravity for easy boarding, Fleming owners truly appreciate the effort that goes in to keeping them safe on the water.

The side-deck of the Fleming features a swinging door that seems to line up perfectly with the dock, making it easy for guests, children, and pets to board with confidence. Is the tide out and you're at a fixed pier? Enter through the gate at the Portuguese Bridge.

Providing a higher level of intelligence and awareness on board is crucial for safely operating a Fleming on long-distance cruises. The BONING monitoring system is specifically built for Fleming and gives an unprecedented level of access to your yacht's fluids, components, and notifications. The system provides alarms while operating, but also can be sent remotely to your iPad or smart phone.



Comfort You Can Truly Feel

Every Fleming interior is designed with the liveaboard concept in mind. Cruising on board for 2 or 3 months requires the comfort features from home including the storage capacity for sufficient supplies,  generous closet space for clothing, natural light and air throughout the lower decks, and all bathed in the most beautiful teak wood throughout. Fleming provides accommodations truly fit for a luxury resort. If you're going to be cruising for months at a time, there really is no better way to travel.

(Seen below: The beautiful master stateroom on Fleming 78 - Hull 004 is bathed in teak and has multiple full-size closets.)

Fleming Yachts 78 Master Stateroom

 All of the effort to create a comfortable environment to rejuvenate yourself after a long day on the water is for nothing if it's too loud to sleep. Fleming goes to painstaking efforts to drastically reduce the amount of noise and vibration throughout the yacht. Often described as "whisper quiet", Fleming's generators are double-mounted on anti-vibration mounts that are bolted on very dense platforms. Whether cruising to Alaska and you need heat or island-hopping in the Caribbean and need air conditioning, adequate generators on board are a necessity. Extra noise and vibration are not.

In addition to paying close attention to the vibration from the generators, Fleming also makes a significant effort to reduce engine noise as well. The engine room air intakes are located under the cockpit coaming and away from the master and guest staterooms. This not only reduces the salt spray from corroding the inside of the engine room, but it also greatly reduces noise while cruising. The entire engine room and all accommodation bulkheads are insulated with a blend of sound deadening and sound absorbing materials.


The Fleming dealer network is simply the best when it comes to training, customer service, and attention to your needs. Fleming rarely changes dealers and many have represented our yachts for decades. This has allowed the teams to become true experts at commissioning each vessel as it arrives and to truly understand how to build confidence in our owners. If you're interested to learn more about Fleming, please either CONTACT US HERE or visit our dealer locater page to find the closest representative to you.