Fleming Dealers Have Been Busy Delivering New Boats

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fleming yachts 55 - europe
fleming yachts 58 Legacy
fleming 78 picked up at port
fleming 55 picked up at port

Fleming dealers have successfully delivered several new orders recently to some very excited new owners. There are many reasons why Fleming is known as the 'Ultimate Cruising Yacht' from our superior construction methods, to our redundancy of critical systems on board, to the elegant woodwork found throughout our interiors. One of the most important factors, however, is the dedication and execution of our dealer partners. 

Every Fleming dealer is thoroughly evaluated before being selected to represent our brand for their abilities and attention to detail. From the moment your new Fleming arrives at whatever port its shipped to, our dealer network moves into action. From commissioning your yacht to ensuring you are fully trained to operate it, our dealers are attentive to your needs so that you enjoy the full experience of owning a Fleming.

Fleming Yachts Europe is based in Southampton in the United Kingdom, but also represents Spain, France, Italy, Greece, and others. David Miles, President of Fleming Europe, recently completed a delivery right before the lockdown from the pandemic. "We managed to get Fleming 55-251 delivered to its German owner right before the lockdown in Germany began in March," he said. "Its now delivered to its owner who is using it in Neustadt in the German Baltic Coast. This is the fourth Fleming he has bought from us including a 55 in 2001, a 75 in 2004, a 58 in 2015, and now another 55."

(Seen below: David at FYE delivers the new F55 to Germany.)

fleming 55 delivered in germany 

Burr Yacht Sales, the east coast of the United States Fleming Yachts dealer, has been quite busy lately with new boats being outfitted and delivered. Recently completing outfitting work on two new 58 Flemings, the team at Burr is now in the process of training the eager new owners taking delivery. Whether you’ve purchased a new Fleming Yacht or a previously-cruised one from Burr Yacht Sales, they will work with you aboard your Fleming to ensure you become familiar with each and every facet. This extensive training encompasses hands-on docking practice, a comprehensive on-board systems
overview, and a familiarity cruise.

(Seen below: The Burr team in the midst of training the new owners of "LEGACY", a new Fleming 58.)

fleming yachts 58 delivered

The training process allows Burr’s customers to be completely confident in their Fleming, their ability to handle it, and able to fully enjoy everything it has to offer. With the two newest 58 Flemings wrapped up, the outfitting crew at Burr now sets their sights on the next pair of new Fleming Yachts that have arrived from Taiwan. Recently picked up from the Port of Baltimore, Flemings 55-252 and 78-010 are the latest new builds underway.

fleming yachts 78 picked up at port 

The owners of this Fleming 78, hull# 010 are now three-time Fleming owners, having moved up from their previous 2006 Fleming 65 and their original 2001 Fleming 55. This particular Fleming 78 also happens to feature a new interior design that we are very excited to share with everyone in the near future. As for the owners of 55-252, they are taking delivery of their third new Fleming build with Burr Yacht Sales over a span of nearly 25 years! The new boat outfitting continues with an additional Fleming 55, 58, and 65 all still on the horizon for Burr Yacht Sales in 2020.

(Seen below: The Burr team picks up Fleming 55-252 from the Port of Baltimore.)

Fleming 55 at port of baltimore

There simply is no greater escape from the stresses and responsibilities of life than to set out on a new adventure in your own, personal Fleming. There is a reason Fleming owners stay within the family for their future boats and a big part of that commitment is the passion displayed by our team of dealers across the world. They are truly unique to the boating industry and develop lifelong friendships with our customers. If you are new to Fleming Yachts and wish to learn more, we invite you to explore our online Research Center found here: https://www.flemingyachts.com/research