Fleming Yacht Adante Travels Between Australia And Tasmania


Bass Strait - South Eastern Australia between Australia and Tasmania is one of the toughest stretches of water in the world.

The Southern Ocean driven by Antarctic winds rises fom depths of 4000 metres to 100 metres through this strait with winds that funnel between Tasmania and Australia that can reach gale force in a few short hours.

Our Fleming 55 "Andante" has traversed this 600nm Strait four times already in conditions that make experienced sailors pale. One stretch of the coast is aptly named the "Shipwreck Coast".

Whenever we have to make a Bass Strait crossing we are glad we have our Fleming. The ocean going design and the factory workmanship gives us every confidence knowing that "Andante" is not going to let us down. Sitting in the comfort of the pilothouse, looking out at the Albatross who revel in these stormy conditions is one of those not to be missed ocean experiences. The 500 hp engines are ticking over quietly at about 25 % load at 9.5 kts, we know that nothing is being over stressed and we are going to make that 1000nm passage from Adelaide to Sydney without any problems. This comfort is added to by the stabilisers that keep the ship steady and on course.

Our friends with other makes of vessel do not believe the conditions we put our Fleming through.

Fleming 55/175